However you like it, mild or wild, sweaty and hot, or sweet and romantic, Pivot is here to help support you in making decisions that help you have the kind of sex you like while reducing your risk for HIV and STDs. Check out our array of tips and info designed specifically for guys into guys.

Making Safer Sex Hot

Check out these tips for having hotter, safer sex. Everything from how to put on a condom with your mouth (hot) to the joys of frottage (also hot) plus everything you wanted to know about sex toys and the 411 on sex toy safety.

Get Tested

Did you know that testing for HIV is available four times a week at Pivot? And that we offer full screenings for STDs once a week? Find out what to expect when you get tested at Pivot (besides free coffee and the friendliest staff around) plus other information about HIV and STDs.

Staying hard

We hear this a lot, and we know condoms can be tricky. Check out this link for tips on how to keep it up so you can keep it on.


How to put on a condom

Simple enough, but 95% of guys make a mistake from time to time. Let our friends at Love Your Condom show you a few tips! (Explicit : NSFW)


HIV Mythbusters

In addition to promoting world peace and ensuring that guys everywhere have hotter and safer sex, the Pivot Crew is also on a mission to bust myths around HIV and STDs. Can you get HIV through cum in the eye? Is it better to spit or swallow? We’ve got the answers to your burning (the good burning) questions and more.