PDX Late Bloomers Club

PDX Late Bloomers Club: Monthly Discussion Group

PDX Late Bloomers Club is a Portland-based social-support network for gay, bi, and trans men who came out well into adulthood. Monthly discussion groups are open to men at any stage in the coming out process. Come share your story, learn from the stories of others, and ask questions without fear of judgment.

For more information: http://pdxlatebloomersclub.com


Sex Worker Support Group
SWOC logo

Support one another in brainstorming and learning about:
-Keeping yourself safe at work
-Domestic violence and sexual assault dynamics and red flags
-Financial planning and planning for your future
-Building community with other workers and community activism
-Self care activities and ways of keeping yourself strong and healthy
-Relationship health and sexual health

*This group is a space intended for people of all genders, 18+ years old*

Contact Katlyn at 503-872-2053 with any questions

Hosted by SWOC (Sex Workers Outreach Coalition)

We define sex workers as those engaged in trading sexual energy for money and/or other resources, and include cam workers, phone workers, dancers, lingerie models, escorts, street workers, adult film actors, and others in our definition. We believe that workers in the sex industry define for themselves the value and meaning of their work. This group is a supportive space whether you are looking to stay or leave the industry.  pdxswoc.org

Triangle Project – Substance Abuse Treatmenttriangle project

The Triangle Project offers culturally-specific Alcohol and Drug treatment and support for LGBTQ individuals.  Contact Rhys Pasimio at 503.230.9654 or Rhys.Pasimio@cascadiabhc.org