Pivot is a place for gay/bi men and trans people.

Pivot is a community space dedicated to the health and wellness of all gay/bi men and trans* people with a focus on sexual health and HIV. We offer a variety of programming that is both social and educational in nature, a community and events space (see our calendar for upcoming events, join us for a discussion and meet someone new), as well as STD & HIV testing.

Our Vision, Mission & Core Values   |  Testing Info   |   Pivot Staff


Our Safe Space Principles:

Equalize the Space
confidentiality – share stories and experiences, not names and gossip
step-up/step-down – give space before you take space, and challenge yourself to step out of your pattern value and encourage risk taking, while maintaining everyone’s right to pass, challenge the idea or the practice, not the person everyone has equal worth in this discussion, and all knowledge’s and opinions are equally valid

Check Your Assumptions
no judgments or disclaimers (including self-judgments)
maintain gender neutrality in your language, and inquire about preferred pronouns
treat everyone as an individual and not a representative of any specific group
personalize your knowledge, don’t project it (i.e. use I statements)
believe in our common best intentions

The Right to be Human
we all have the right to be human (i.e. inconsistent, emotional, triggered, etc. )
avoid blaming people for the misinformation taught to them
acknowledge emotions
practice forgiveness

Practice Consensual Dialogue
active listening – attention focused, maintain appropriate eye contact, check your body language, take breaks only when you need to
silence is okay – an unforced pace of dialogue is one into which people can step-up safely
be sincere and consistent, practicing respectful honesty


Accessibility Information:

Pivot is ADA compliant. The main entrance is not wheelchair accessible as there are two stairs (7 inches in height each). There is a wheelchair accessible entrance through the double doors North of the main entrance – please knock for assistance. There are two single-stall gender-neutral bathrooms.